When is speech therapy Consultant needed?

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Some youths have difficulty threading words together or use language erroneously. Others suffer from memory and attention problems. Some children suffer from swallowing, biting, coughing, and food turndown issues. Likewise speech remedy may be needed for a sprat who has had speech impairment as a result of an illness or accident. A youth may bear […]

How Speech Therapy Works

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Speech therapy is a sort of physical therapy that treats concerns ranging from verbal pronunciation to swallowing difficulties. It is most commonly used in children with speech and communication difficulties. If your kid has language or speech problems, visits with a speech pathologist may be beneficial. Speech therapy is frequently prescribed by Speech Therapist for […]

Benefits of Early Intervention for children

Benefits of Early Intervention for children

Early intervention is the medical term which describes the support provided to the babies and young children struggling with developmental delays and disabilities. It leaves a significant impact on the child’s ability to learn new skills and overcome life challenges. It helps gain confidence and increase success in school life. Now, let’s look at its […]

Tips for building self love in children with special needs


Children with special needs perceive the World in their own manner.  Realizing the fact that they are different from others brings a sense of anxiety and frustration among them. We as a family need to boost up the self-esteem of children by making them understand their unique abilities to foster confidence within them. Here are […]

What are the treatments for Autism?


Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that impacts the way a person behaves, interacts or socializes with others. There is no cure for Treatments for Autism, but there are several approaches that can help improve learning, social functioning, and quality of life for both children and adults. Here are a few treatments for Autism: Cognitive […]