Shabd Rehabilitation Center

Home Program

Immerse in imagination, yet remain
grounded in reality

Give a nurturing and supportive learning environment to your kids under
the supervision of parents and professional tutors.

Educationally enriched programs

Home based programs aim at overall grooming of a child, encouraging literacy, language development, social and emotional development.

Emphase creative activities

Our talented teachers involve children into various creative activities like – dancing, crafting, singing, painting to make life more fun.

Bye bye inhibitions

It’s the best option for shy and timid kids who prefer one-to-one talk rather than group discussions. It helps them come out of their shells faster.

Full Family support

It helps parents to supervise the child’s pace of learning, emotional reactions and better manage their behavior with necessary interventions.

Parents Involvement

Personalised attention, better learning

At-home programs keep the parents involved during learning sessions of their children. It also allows kids to bond with their caregivers and grow in an affectionate environment with more individualised attention.

More Flexibility

The timings of home based programs can be fixed according to the convenience of child and parents without any hassle of traveling far resulting into time and efforts saving. It’s a best option for the parents working late night or early morning shifts.

Let time adopts its own rhythm

Don’t rush, slow down, study as per your preferred time: Higher focus, higher productivity.
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Less Germs

Fewer kids means less germs spread. This process helps in building a strong immune system by limiting the child’s contacts with other kids who might be carrying viruses. This reduces the chances of kids getting sick again and again.

Break the viral spread cycle

Social distancing is the need of the hour today, what can be the better choice than home based programs?
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