Shabd Rehabilitation Center

Flexible schedules

Students can choose the class timings as per their convenience and comfort.

Self - discipline

Self – motivation is promoted which helps one focused towards the goals.

Cost - saving

A person doesn’t need to travel to and fro which helps save much money.

Better interaction

Students find themselves in a comfortable situation to put up their points.

Technical skills

Students try exploring different features and attain mastery over digital skills.

Information retention

Record options allow one to replay the lectures and grab the concept in a better way.
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Study Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s fast paced World, when everything is easily available, education isn’t left behind. Online classes are gaining momentum day by day. Here at shabdrehab, we are also making most of technology. Our online classes are popular because of our expert teachers who know how to interact with differently abled children, understand their mindset and emotions and accordingly prepare daily lectures. Online platforms allow students to give away their anxiety and shyness. They ask questions and share their point of view without any fear of being judged.

Foster team skills

Online classes are generally held with a large group. It gives a chance to meet different people with same interests or same learning goals who interact with each other through cross-questioning, exchange of ideas and opinions. This allows a person to grow and broaden the horizon of their thinking capabilities. It gives a chance to develop deep insight into the concept and remember it for years. Another advantage of online classes is that it allows people to interact with instructors and fellow mates at their own pace which makes the discussion fruitful.